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Dallas Poison Ivy Treatment

What Is Poison Ivy?

As Dallas poison ivy treatment specialists, we commonly talk with people about how to prevent poison ivy and how to deal with it if they get it. Besides poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac can also be contracted by coming into contact with these plants. The oil they produce can cause an allergic reaction.

Our Dallas poison ivy specialists know that, while not contagious or dangerous, poison ivy and similar conditions can be highly unpleasant. Common symptoms include:

  • Inflammation
  • Bumps
  • Itching
  • Blistering
  • Redness
  • Burning

These symptoms can appear within hours or days after contact and generally last for two to three weeks.

When Should You See a Poison Ivy Specialist in Dallas TX?

In most cases, you don’t need to see a doctor for poison ivy. Over-the-counter medications such as cortisone creams and oral antihistamines can generally help relieve the symptoms until the condition is gone. It’s best to begin using them before the area starts to blister.

However, there are some cases in which you should see a Dallas poison ivy treatment specialist because you may need a prescription for prednisone, an oral steroid or some other type of medication. For example:

  • If the case is particularly severe, with extensive pain, itching or blistering
  • If you have lesions over large areas
  • If the areas affected are particularly sensitive, such as the face, hands or genitals
  • If the rash begins showing signs of infection, like fluid leaking from them

When you see our physicians, you can be assured of the best in poison ivy treatment in Dallas TX. Our doctors can help you heal faster and get back to your normal life without all the unpleasant symptoms of poison ivy or these other conditions.

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