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Dallas Dermatologist Mole Skin Tag Removal

Most of us don’t take care of our skin as well as we should. Whether you have medical needs resulting from years of damage or were born with moles and skin tags that you want to remove for aesthetic purposes, our experienced Dallas dermatologist can work with you to decide the right course of action.

Mole and Skin Tags: What Can You Do About Them?

Moles are caused by skin cells growing and forming in clusters too close together. While they’re not exactly malignant, they can darken over time and become more noticeable. Of course, it is possible that a mole develops into cancerous melanoma. If you have one or more mole then it’s important to visit us at our Dallas dermatologist office to maintain your skin health.

Skin tags tend to develop on most people over time. These are benign skin growths that generally appear in folds of skin in the neck, eyelids, and breasts.

While moles and skin tags are generally harmless, they can cause discomfort over time when the rub against clothing. Many patients seek mole and skin tag removal for cosmetic reasons. Getting skin tag and mole removal in Dallas TX is fairly simple when you turn to us. Your options include:

  • Surgical removal: This may include removal with a scalpel or scissors, either removed to be the same level as your skin or removed blow the surface to prevent regrowth.
  • Burning: The burning procedure utilizes electric heat and only affects the mole or skin tag and should not damage the surrounding skin.
  • Freezing: This process will be done with liquid nitrogen causing the mole or skin tag to fall off and heal on its own.

Our Dallas dermatologist will be precise and leave your skin looking great. We also take care to ensure your comfort, leaving you relaxed throughout the process.

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